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Kurukshetra University has taken pioneering position in imparting training and education in the field of Computer Science & Applications. Kurukshetra University was the first to foresee the impact that computers would have on the 21st century. To give an impact to the vision and work on it, the university started imparting education in the field of Computer Science and Application way back in 1981 by starting an UGC sponsored Computer Course C and it was the first of its kind in the whole country. In the year 1981 the Department of Computer Science and Applications was established and Kurukshetra University was the first in the country to start a UGC supported one year MCA programme. This was replaced by a two year MCA programme from the academic year 1984-85 onwards. In December 1990, UGC sanctioned the proposal of Department of Computer Science & Applications to update the two-year MCA programme to three-year MCA programme and the same was launched in the session 1991-92. The department had started two year M.Sc. (Computer software) w.e.f. academic session 1995-96, and M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering was also started w.e.f. academic session 1996-97. The department is providing a wide range of hardware and software facilities for students and faculty members under different platforms and processing environments. The department has now blossomed from a humble start in 1981 to a full-fledged education centre providing major courses like M.Tech., MCA & M.Sc. (Computer Science-Software). Besides these, the Department offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science& Applications aimed at producing quality and high-impact interdisciplinary research.With rapidly evolving technologies and the continuous need for innovations, the department has produced quality professionals holding important positions in the IT industry in India and abroad.


Pursue conducive advancement towards nurturing globally competent and ethically conscientious professionals and entrepreneurs in agile computing technologies and allied spheres for unceasing evolution of Nations IT affiliated commercial and research endeavors.

Thrive to establish a strong foundation for technical competency in spheres concordant to software oriented design and development. Nurture skills and competency for administering expertise gained in computing discipline to a wide horizon of interdisciplinary application domains, thus supporting sustainable development of the society. Habituate the students to strive for technological innovations and successful endeavors ethically, supported by sustained learning continuance and problem solving proficiency that may promote nations welfare in terms of economic acceleration leading to the growth of society.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Chairperson Speaks

I welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Applications. Computer science is a relatively young field, but yet it has made a remarkable progress and accomplished tremendously in just half a century. Computer science is an exciting subject to study if you enjoy problem solving using logical reasoning and building systems and applications. Computer science offers a sought-after, lucrative career path for tech-savvy people interested in the latest computer advancements. Our programs are designed to cater to the requirements of IT industry, get jobs in business, company or government. These programs are driven by exceptional full-time faculty whose scholarly accomplishments place them among the top of their field. Future in computer science looks brighter than ever as it touches every facet of life.

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