धरोहर संग्रहालय

Kurukshetra,University Of Kurukshetra


  • Dharohar Haryana Museum
  • The 1st phase of Dharohar Haryana Museum was established on 28 April, 2006 and its 2nd Phase was established on 6 April, 2013. There are thousand number of artifacts related to Haryanavi Culture displayed in Fifty (50) sections in Dharohar Haryana Museum.
  • 28 April is celebrated as Foundation day of Dharohar Haryana Museum.
  • Dr. Vivek Chawla, Curator Dharohar Haryana Museum.
  • Entry Ticket:-

            Rs. 10/- for children between the age 5 to 10 year/K.U. Students (Regular)

            Rs. 20/- for Students on tour with I Card

            Rs. 30/- for General Public

            Rs. 50/- For Photography

            Rs.0/- for University Guests and donor of Dharohar Haryana Museum.

  • Timing for Ticket:-

            10:00 AM To 4:30 PM

  • Dharohar Haryana Museum remains closed for visitors on Monday.
  • Contact Number:-

             1. Dr. Vivek Chawla (Curator) 98962-43643

             2. Dr. Kuldeep Singh Arya (Museum Supervisor) 70821-13125

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