Department of Chemistry
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of Chemistry
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Chemistry is the oldest (1961) post-graduation course of University of Kurukshetra and the department was established in 1961 under the headship of Professor S.M. Mukherjee, FNA as First Head of the Department. The Curriculum is so designed that it offers four specializations to the M.Sc. Chemistry students, which includes Physical, Organic, Inorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Through this curriculum, a choice based credit system (CBCS) is being implemented for all round development of the students, giving a fair weightage to their interest. It would allow the students to develop their abilities in the disciplines of their own interest. The students pursuing this course will develop in depth understanding of various aspects of the subject. The conceptual understanding of structure and behaviour of elements (atoms), energy changes associated with the reactions, principles and rules that unite these phenomenon in to comprehensive system, development of experimental skills, designing and implementation of novel synthetic methods, developing the aptitude for academic and professional skills, acquiring basic concepts for structural elucidation with hyphenated techniques, understanding the fundamental biological processes and rationale towards computer assisted drug designing are among such important aspects.This curriculum has immense potential to develop the post graduate students as good chemistry teachers or as skilled chemists to undertake advanced research in laboratories or industries.

The Department has well build infrastructure and is located in two blocks consisting of three floors with modular laboratories (M.Sc. and Research).

Currently the Department has regular faculty (16), contractual faculty (02) in addition to Floating faculty and Part-Time faculty. The department feel honoured to have three Professor Emeritus.

Department of Science and Technology, government of India has accorded it the status of DST-FIST supported department in 2017 and, the department has received 400 MHz NMR worth 2 Crore, under DST-FIST II.

In addition, under departmental central facility FT-IR, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, cyclic voltameter etc are present.

Since its inception, the growth of the Department can be measured from the fact that more than 330 Ph.D. and over 3300 research publications in journals of national and international repute have been credited by dedicated and hardworking faculty of the department. The research area is not restricted to basic chemistry only. The faculty meets the challenges in various thrust areas like nanotechnology, Drug delivery system, molecular simulation, theoretical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, Biodegradable composites analytical chemistry, coordination chemistry, synthesis of drug intermediates, validation of Ayurvedic formulations to keep pace with global challenges.

Women scientist (WOS-A, DST-New Delhi). Research associates and D.S.Kothari fellow have been associated with the Department.

One of the contributions of Department of Chemistry to research fraternity is Institution of Goyal Prizes by the efforts of Prof. S. P. singh, Prof. Emeritus, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Alumni of Chemistry Department have acquired the distinguished status not only in the field of research and academics globally but also in administration nationally. The Department has given Directors (CSIR Laboratories), Vice-presidents R&Ds and General Managers, Production Managers, Consultants (Pharmaceutical Laboratories).

The post graduate students are recognised at international level also for the award of scholarship for doctoral program. The doctoral students are offered placements in R&Ds of Pharmaceutical Companies.



To provide competitively trained young minds to contribute as efficient teachers, chemists, researchers and assist chemical based industries and stakeholders globally.


  1. To develop researchers, scientists and educators in chemical science.
  2. To develop competent manpower for industries and business houses which are based on experimental methodologies and practices of chemistry.
  3. To provide students centric learning facilities for the developments of the overall personality of the learner.
G.P. Dubey

Prof. Gyan Prakash Dubey

Chairperson Speaks

Our Department offers a rich academic environment in order to train young minds to contribute as efficient teachers, chemists, researchers and assist chemical based industries and stakeholders globally. After getting knowledge of general chemistry in first year, our post graduate students get to specialize in any of the chemical disciplines: organic, physical, inorganic in second year. Distribution of specialization is purely on merit basis of 1st semester result considering the choice of the student. Another specialization, pharmaceutical chemistry is also offered which is under SFS. Practical training and seminars have been made an integral part of the curriculum. The mission is to provide students centric learning approach.

To promote academics Department has instituted Dr. H K Pujari Gold medal to the meritorious student. Good numbers of students qualify NET/JRF/GATE every year. The post graduate students are also recognized at international level for the award of scholarship for doctoral program.

We encourage our students to participate in various awareness programs, co-curricular activities at department level and under the banner of NSS, YRC, Eco-club at university level. The goal is to provide facilities for the development of the overall personality to serve the nation.

Information regarding different scholarships is made available time to time for the benefit of students.

We have a well-knit association with our alumni. Our alumni are in academia, Industry, research institutes, and administration as well. The goal to develop competent manpower for industries and business houses which are based on experimental methodologies and practices of chemistry has been well attained by the Department.

Our research program offers an elaborate curriculum that provides students an opportunity to get acquainted with research methodologies in chemical sciences globally, prior to exhaustive outstanding training in different thrust areas. We offer customized research opportunities, where students have the chance to work with faculty on cutting edge problems and gain skills that transfer to professional development.

Our faculty members publish in reputed SCI-indexed journals, and have won various awards for their scientific contributions. Research proposals of Faculty are funded by the UGC, DST and CSIR. In addition, many of our faculty members have received prestigious awards including full bright Nehru fellowship. Our faculty also serves as members of editorial board, reviewers and is involved in outreach initiatives in the community. Many of the faculty has participated in workshops to learn new and innovative teaching methods.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated non-teaching staff to assist in laboratories, instrumentation budget and purchase and to deal with other official work.

I think the students will find Department of Chemistry at Kurukshetra exciting, welcoming, and inclusive place to get transformed in order to fulfil their dreams.

With very best wishes,

Prof. Gyan Prakash Dubey



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