Department of Economics
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Department of Economics
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

About Us

The Department of Economics is one of the oldest departments of Kurukshetra University established in 1961. The students passing out of our portals have distinguished themselves as entrepreneurs, educationists, heads of prestigious organizations, practicing managers and bureaucrats. It is a matter of pride that our Department continues to be the ‘institute of choice’ for students from all over northern part of India.  We are running two Masters courses namely, M.A. Economics and M.A. Business Economics and a Ph.D.   Our courses are proper blend of ‘quality’ with ‘relevance’ having fundamentals of economic analysis with the practical aspects of business and policy analysis. During the two-year master’s programs, the students are able to acquire strong foundations in different disciplines of Economics and Quantitative Analysis, along with business acumen and managerial techniques – which make them well-equipped to face and overcome any challenges in their respective professions. The Department gets students with varied background such as Engineering, Economics, Commerce and Sciences, which gives rise to a cohesive and mutually beneficial classroom environment. An eclectic and erudite group of faculty, academicians, researchers and professionals, with their vast pool of expertise, gives the department its distinctive edge and an exalted stature. With the new, updated and improvised course syllabus, the industry, state and non-governmental organisations would find our students even more apt for responsible positions. Currently, the Department is also hosting an institution named “International Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies” to conduct interdisciplinary research in geo-strategic, geo-political, marine peace, green & blue economy related issues.


The vision of the Department of Economics consists of developing the critical thinking in the students and researchers to analyze economic behavior, events and policies with sound theoretical knowledge to address the issues faced by the Indian economy along with the analysis of other economies in the world. The department thrives to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research, consultancy and extension

Our mission is to prepare organic intellectuals who continuously interact with people, society and academics and help them professionally by providing sustainable solutions


Dr. Ashok Chauhan is currently working as Professor at Department of Economics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana (India). He has been actively involved in teaching and research guidance. He has been associated with writing of Haryana State Development Report as main consultant. His areas of specialization include environmental economics and quantitative techniques. His main concerns are class struggle, socio-economic inequalities and deteriorating democratic capitalist market-mechanism based social-economic-political structures.

He has published about 30 research papers and has supervised 9 Ph.D. & 15 M.Phil. scholars. Currently, he is supervising seven research scholars who are working in areas of taxation, employment, PSU disinvestment, macro-economic risks and productivity of manufacturing sector.


Prof. Ashok Chauhan

Chairperson Speaks

Our dedicated team of eleven teachers assisted by five staff members is committed to the cause of students to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to create confident economics professionals who can take up any challenge. The department monitors the progress of the students and researchers with continuous evaluation. We engage them to think about national and global economic issues on various platforms like Econ Association and Economics Research Forum to develop their critical analysis skills. Our research scholars are our real strengths. The Department is striving to garner more research and consultancy projects to create positive externalities for all stakeholders. We visualise it to become a global centre of excellence in teaching, research, extension and consultancy to provide valuable inputs to govt and industry organisations.     As the Head of the Department, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Department and be associated with us.



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