Women’s Studies Research Center
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Completed Research Projects

  1. Impact of Development and Modernization on Women of Rural Haryana-A Study of Village Lukhi (Distt. Kurukshetra) (1994)
  2. Genesis of the Nashabandi Movement in Haryana: A Review (1995)
  3. Punah Sthapit (1947 mein Bharat-Pakistan Vibhajan ke Pashchat) Parivaron mein Mahilayon ki Samajik-Aarthik or Manovaiganik Sthiti ka Adhyan (1998)
  4. Status of the Adolescent Girl in Slums of Haryana: A Review (1999)
  5. Political Participation of Women in Haryana (1999)
  6. Panchayati Raj Sansthaon mein Mahilayon ki Bhagidari Haryana: Ek Adhyan (1999)
  7. Functioning of the Women Panchayat Members and the Role of the Local Administration- A Case Study of Sirsa District (Haryana) (2000)
  8. Status of Dowry in North India: A Review (2000)
  9. Haryana mein Shiksha ka Gramin Mahilayon par Prabhav- Ek Adhayan (2000)
  10. Review of the Old Age Pension Scheme in Haryana: Its Impact on the Pension Beneficiaries Especially Women (2001)
  11. Women’s Voluntary Organizations in Haryana : A Study (2001)
  12. A History of Kanya Gurukuls in Haryana (2002)
  13. Haryana ke Lokgeeton ka Vishleshanatamak Adhyan (2002)
  14. A Study of Women Entrepreneurs: A Micro Study of Kurukshetra District (2004)
  15. Women’s Access to Health Facilities: A Study (2004)
  16. A Study of Declining Sex Ratio: A Case Study and Media Reflections (2005)
  17. Data Profile of Women and Girls in Haryana (2006)
  18. A Study of Women in the Unorganized Sector of Employment (2007)
  19. Violence against Girl Child in the Family- A Study of Nature and Magnitude (2007)
  20. Attitudinal Difference Towards the Girl Child (A Collaborative study with the CWS, Delhi University) (2007)
  21. Khap Panchayats and their Role in Contemporary Haryana (2007)
  22. Monitoring and Evaluation of ICDS and Community Involvement in Haryana (2009)
  23. Study of the Status of Women in Haryana and the Determining Factors- Multi-centric Gender Study (2010) sponsored by AIU
  24. Images of Women Working in Unorganized & Organized Sector of Employment in Haryana (2011)
  25. Review of the Existing UGC Schemes Devoted Towards Enhancing the Participation Rate of Women in Higher Education (Northern India: Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh) (2011)
  26. Gender Audit of Kurukshetra University (2010-11) – A Study of Teaching, Research and Administrative Practices from a Gender Perspective (2012)
  27. Professional and Technical Education in Haryana – A Gender Analysis of Enrolment (2012).
  28. Reasons for Rise in Crime Against Women (for Haryana State Commission for Women (2013)
  29. The Centre collected data for a research project on Status of Crime against Women in North India for National Law Institute University, Bhopal sponsored by BPR&D (2013).
  30. A Review of the Implementation of the PNDT Act in Haryana and the Implications of Declining Sex Ratio in the State in Terms of Trafficking of Women for the Purpose of Marriage (2014)
  31. Status of Muslim Women in Haryana (2014)
  32. Status of Dalit Women in Haryana (2014)
  33. Opportunities and Challenges of Women’s Political Participation at Local Rural Governance in Haryana (2014)
  34. Gender Analysis of Haryana School Text Books (2015)
  35. An analysis of the Life Profile of Sex Workers in Select Districts of Haryana (2015)
  36. Dr. Rammanohar Lohia’s view on the Gender Question (2015)
  37. Status of Women Sports Persons in Haryana (2015)
  38. Data Profile of Women in India and Haryana (2015)
  39. A Study of the Profile of Villages in Haryana Exhibiting a Favourable Sex Ratio in 2014 (1300 and above) (2015).
  40. Understanding Masculinity and Femininity among Rural & Urban Youths (2016)
  41. Gender Audit of Kurukshetra University (2015-16) – A Study of Teaching, Research and Administrative Practices from a Gender Perspective (2016)
  42. Women’s Role in Agriculture and Allied Work in Haryana’s Society in the Context of Post Globalization (2016)
  43. Socio-Economic Dimensions of Customs of Kareva in Haryana (2016)
  44. Documentation of the Movement against the Nirbhaya Incident in December 2012 (2016)
  45. Impact of the Reduction in Stamp Duty in Registration of Property: A Case Study of Thanesar Block, Kurukshetra District (2016)
  46. A Study of Women with Disability in Punjab and Haryana (2016)
  47. Media Reflections: Documentation of Key Women’s Issues (2017)
  48. An Analytical Study of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013 in Haryana’s Perspective (2017)
  49. A Study of Teaching, Research and Administrative Practices of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from a Gender Perspective: Gender Audit of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra for the Session 2017-18 & 2018-19 (2019)
  50. Female Headed Households: A Case Study of Haryana (2019)
  51. Challenges and Coping Strategies of Research Scholars in Science: A Gender Perspective (2020)
  52. A Study of Awareness on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace among Female Students (2022)
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