Department of Chemistry
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Aarzoo 15-11-2019 Thermodynamics of binary liquid mixture
Amisha 28-04-2022 Reinforcement and dispersal of some additives in natural and synthetic polymers
Amit Kumar 26-09-2018 Heterocyclic compounds and their precursors of potential medicinal interest
Ashish Kumar 09-10-2019 Synthesis and applications of 5 and 6-membered n-heterocyles
Bavita Kumari 21-11-2017 Coordination chemistry
Bhavna 26-09-2018 Synthetic and biological studies of some heterocyclic compounds
Chanchal 01-05-2021 Studies on some natural products.
Geetanjali 21-09-2017 Thermal and mechanical properties of polymer composites
Gourav Kumar 03-10-2017 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel aurone analogues
Kavita Sharma 14-10-2019 Natural products analogs as enzyme inhibitors
Kiran Siwach 20-09-2018 Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and their precursors of potential medicinal interest
Laxmi Narayan 9-10-2019 Synthesis and photophysical studies of novel heterocyclic compounds
Likhish Dhingra 17-07-2017 Thermodynamic and physicochemical studies of binary liquid mixtures containing alkoxyalkanols and amines
Meena Devi 20-09-2018 Synthesis and biological studies of heterocyclic compounds
Subhash 09-10-2019 Investigations on potentially biodynamic cobalt and ruthenium based molecules: synthesis, structural elucidation and applied aspects
Naman Jain 27-03-2019 Synthesis of azoles of biological importance and their physicochemical studies.
Omkar 09-10-2019 Utilization Of OrganoHypervalent Iodine Reagents In Organic Synthesis
Pinki 14-10-2019 Studies On Biological And Applied Aspects Of Nickel, Platinum And Palladium Based Bimetallic Molecules
Prince Kumar 15-11-2019 Synthesis And Biological Applications Of Azole And Azine Derivatives.
Priyanka Devi 26-09-2018 Coordination Compounds
Rachana 14-10-2019 Studies Of Thermophysical Properties Of Liquids And Liquid Mixtures
Rahul Singh 19-09-2018 Heterocyclic Compounds: Synthesis And Biological Studies
Shiwani 29-04-2021 Transition Metal Based Mofs For Energy Storage Devices
Simran 9-10-2019 Bioplastics
Sumit 26-09-2018 Natural Rubber Composites
Sunita 10-10-2019 Design, Synthesis And Characterization Of Metal Complexes With Multifaceted Value
Virender 21-09-2018 Synthesis, Characterization Of New Molecular Receptors And Their Ionic Recognition Studies

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