Department of Geography
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Bhim Singh 04-01-2018 Agriculture Geography/Dynamics, Spatiality and Determinants of Agricultural Development in Haryana during Post Liberalisation Period
Himanshi 20-10-2018 Women Employment in Organized and Unorganized Sectors in Haryana: A Socio-Spatial Analysis
Kapil Dev 20-10-2018 Out Migration and its Impact on Local Community: A Geographical Study of Himachal Pradesh.
Annu 20-10-2018 Women and Children Health in Rural Uttarakhand: A Geographical Analysis
Indora Suraj Rajkumar 20-10-2018 Landslide Hazard Investigation of Mandi-Manali National Highway Stretch, Himachal Pradesh.
Narender Kumar 09-10-2019 Agricultural Marketing in Haryana: An Enquiry into Its Spatial Organisation and Utilisation
Rohit Mann 15-02-2021 Impact and Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Floods in Greater Mumbai: 1985-2020
Preeti Verma 09-10-2019 Urban Sprawl and Land
Swati Sharma 09-10-2019 Dynamics of Groundwater and its Management in Jammu District: A Spatio-Temporal Approach
Hemant 09-10-2019 Disease Pattern and Health Expenditure in Haryana: A Spatio-temporal Analysis.
Neha Khajuria 31-08-2020 Identification of Urban Heat Islands of Jaipur City: Its Determinants, Impacts and Predictions
Ms. Jyoti 01-09-2020 Hydrological Characteristics, Pattern and Processes of Sediment Flux in Narmada River Basin
Alka 01-09-2020 Living Environment and Social Wellbeing of Children in Haryana: A Micro Level Analysis
Divya Saini 23-01-2021 Exploring drought and its impact on water resources and agriculture in Banas river basin of Rajasthan, India
Nishu 28-04-2021 Availability and Utilization of Public Health Infrastructure in NCT Delhi with Special Reference to Primary Health Care
Sandeep 28-04-2021 Urban Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Municipal Corporation Gurugram, Haryana
Sunil 28-04-2021 Tourism carrying capacity of Garhwal region, Uttarakhand
Simran 15-07-2022 Course work is under process
Ajay Kumar 14-07-2022 Course work is under process
Asha 14-07-2022 Course work is under process

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