Welcome To The Institute of Integrated & Honors Studies :

Principal Dr Sanjeev Gupta's Message

IIHS, erstwhile Kurukshetra University College, carries the legacy of humane and professional values. Established in 1973, the glorious history is a matter of pride and honour for everyone associated with IIHS. The alumni are the brand ambassadors, the true assets of any institute as they portray a true picture of its rich heritage and all-encompassing guidance. The alumni of IIHS depict our unflinching strength, unwavering focus and untiring efforts. Most of them are serving at reputed positions in government and private sectors of the academics, industry and civil services. Many of them are also are contributing to the advancement of the society by serving at social and political platforms. Their skills, talent and wealth of experience denote the proud past, represent the present and connect to the bright future. Further, the commitment and discipline maintained by the faculty here is seemed to be carried and conducted by the alma matter throughout their lives and is reflected in their persona. As there are a wide range of courses offered in the institute that cater to the changing needs of modern technology savvy professions and upcoming industries. So, IIHS has recorded consistent holistic improvement in all spheres including academics, research, placements, social and co-curricular domains by working hand in hand walk with our alumni. This alumni chapter is created considering this dire need of our current students to interact and learn from the innumerable experiences of our alma matter. It will be indeed an added pleasure for our institute to nurture strong relationships with this segment. This platform will provide an opportunity of open communication between alumni, students and fraternity, thereby benefitting everyone, and further enriching our academic structure in terms of curriculum, facilities and functioning. The goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem for the institute by collaborating and joining forces with our alumni for the holistic betterment of the future generations.

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