• Science wing Courses

    B.Sc Non medical with various options

    B.Sc non-med Maths, Chemistry, Physics
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Stat, physics
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Electronics, Physics
    B.Sc non-med Maths, EEM, Physics
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Physics, Geography.
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Physics, Computer Science
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Geography, Comp sci.
    B.Sc non-med Maths, stat, Comp sci.
    B.Sc non-med Maths, Geology, Geography
  • Bachelors in Computer Applications

    B C A (Bachelors in Computer Applications )

    B.C.A Computer science related papers with maths, Personality Development and english as other subjects
  • B.Sc Medical courses

    B.Sc Medical with options

    B.Sc medical Botany, Zoology ,Chemistry
    B.Sc medical Bio Tech, Botany , Zoology
    B.Sc medical BioChemistry , Botany, Zoology
  • B.Sc Home Science courses

    B.Sc Home Science

    B.Sc. Home Science Home science related papers with H.Sc subjects along with Physics, english, Computer as other subjects
  • ARTS courses

    B.A { for combinations please consult propectus }
    B.A. Genereal With many options
    B.A. vocational With tourism option
    B.A Honors Stream
    B. A. Economics Honors
    B. A. Philosophy Honors
    B. A. Sanskrit Honors
    B. A. English Honors
    B. A. Music Honors
  • Commerce courses

    Commerce and Tourism

    B.Com comulsory subjects
    B.T.M. tourism management subjects
  • PG Integrated courses

    PG Course

    M.Sc engg Physics 5 years integrated course
    M.Sc Bio Technology 5 years integrated course
    M.Sc Economics 5 years integrated Economics