< Computer > to < Sanskrit > - Non teaching staff provides support everywhere.

Various combinations are available for Science, Commerce, arts students. Non teaching staff is most valuable asset in any Organization. IIHS is proud to have all Non teaching staff as well trained and well qualified.

Non teaching staff is encouraged to use Computer facility as much as possible .

Various staff members operate at various positions. Starting from Superintendent to Lab cleaner. Various units exist as Fee section, Scholarship Section, Accounts Section . Most of the non teaching staff supports Lab facilities. In almost all labs they are working to help faculty and students

IIHS Non Teaching Staff

Name Designation Experience Contact
Mr Baljinder Supritendent 28 Yrs baljinder@gmail.com
Mr Sunil Kakkar Sr. Tech Asstt 35 Yrs sunilkakkar@gmail.com
Mr Gajender Dahiya Asstt Supritendent 25 Yrs gdahiya@gmail.com
Ms Ashu Steno 10 Yrs ashu@gmail.com
Mr Sant Accounts Clerk 18 Yrs sant@gmail.com
Mr Mangeshwar Sharma Fee Clerk 10 Yrs mangesh@gmail.com
Mr Rajender Clerk 10 Yrs rajenderar@gmail.com
Mr Ravi Scholarship Clerk 2 Yrs ravi@gmail.com
Mr Sumit Kumar Clerk 10 Yrs sunmit@gmail.com
Mr Gurcharan Clerk 10 Yrs gurcharan@gmail.com
Mr Surat Clerk 12 Yrs surat@gmail.com
Mrs Sushma Clerk 20 Yrs sushma@gmail.com
Mr Ganesh Lab Comp. 25 Yrs ganesh@kuk.ac.in
Mr Balbir Lab Comp. 25 Yrs balbir@gmail.com
Mr Pardeep Lab Comp. 05 Yrs pardeep@kuk.ac.in
Mr Karamveer JLA biotech 10 Yrs kkr@gmail.com
Mr Rambagh Lab biochem 10 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in
Mr Parveen Lab biochem 05 Yrs ......@kuk.ac.in
Mr Vikas Lab biochem 02 Yrs .........@gmail.com
Mr Gaurav Lab Zoology 05 Yrs ......@kuk.ac.in
Mr Shikar Datta Lab Zoology 10 Yrs ......@gmail.com
Mr Raghbir Lab botany 10 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in
Mr Ravinder Lab Zoology 12 Yrs .........@gmail.com
Mr Sukhvinder Lab Zoology 05 Yrs ......@kuk.ac.in
Mr Ranjeet singh S L A 20 Yrs ranjit@gmail.com
Mr Ram chander Lab Physics 20 Yrs ramc@kuk.ac.in
Mr Govind Lab Physics 04 Yrs ...@gmail.com
Mr Dilawar Lab 05 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in
Mr Rohtash S L A Chem 28 Yrs rohtash@gmail.com
Mr Maya Ram Lab Chem 25 Yrs mayaram@kuk.ac.in
Mr Raj kr. Lab Chem 05 Yrs rajkr@gmail.com
Mr Sudheer Lab Chem 05 Yrs sudheer@kuk.ac.in
Mr Munish Lab Elect 20 Yrs @gm......ail.com
Mr Baldev Lab Elect 10 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in
Mr NAndballah LabElect 02 Yrs .........@gmail.com
Ms. Saroj Bala Lab h.sc 10 Yrs .... @gmail.com
Ms. Veena Lab H.Sc 10 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in
Mr Ramrash Pal Lab H.Sc 02 Yrs .........@gmail.com
Mr Krishan kr JLA Geog 10 Yrs @gm....ail.com
Mr Vikas Lab geog 02 Yrs .....@kuk.ac.in

Women Cell

Dr Poonam and her team is dealing with this Wing.

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NSS Wing

Dr nirupma Bhatti Deals with this wing. Many functions were carried out.

NSS students were slected . more than 200 participated in the test.

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