Department of Instrumentation
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Library Facility

USIC right from the beginning has been making a collection of latest technical & text books covering all aspects/ topics and latest developments in the field of electronics, instrumentation, computers and control etc. Library has a stock of over eight thousand text and reference books and is housed in a spacious room with adequate furniture.

Computer Lab

This lab provides fully interactive environment for the juniors to learn the basic operation and applications of computers. This lab having a capacity of 25 computers is connected to a powerful server. The lab is designed for computer aided learning, equipped with L.C.D projectors and multi-media software.

Electronics Lab

  1.  Following lab courses are conducted in Advanced Electronics Lab.

           Digital Design lab (ECLR-31)

          Electronics-II Lab (ECLR-40)

   2. Size (in sq. feet): 1155 sq. feet

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor laboratory is equipped with 8085 Microprocessor kits, Interfacing devices, Macro Assembler and Dell PC’s. The students gain programming skills in 8085 Assembly Language and Interfacing with various devices such as Stepper Motor, Analog-to-Digital converter, Seven Segment display. The students have in depth knowledge in writing and executing 8086 Assembly Language programs with 8086 Macro Assembler. Students also do C programs using Dell PC’s.

Process Control lab

Process controls are used to control both sample treatment and test procedure and should therefore ideally be included at the beginning of the actual sample treatment. However, in on-line sampling, or sampling directly from tap in an outbreak situation, it is not possible to add controls before sampling. Instead, they may be added after sample elution.

Other Facilities

  1. Electronic Workshop
  2. Optical Workshop
  3. Glass Blowing Workshop
  4. Mechanical Workshop

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