Department of A.I.H, Culture & Archaeology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra



  • The Department has stated the learning outcomes in the form of the Course Outcome (CO), Programme Outcome (PO) and the Programme Specific Outcome (PSO) for every course in the programme.
  • The Programme Outcomes stated that how the programme is being benefited for the student and its contribution to the society.
  • Mapping of course has been done among Programme Specific Outcome (PSO), Programme Outcomes (PO) and Course Outcomes (CO).
  • Attainment of CO-PSO-PO has been performed for the academic sessions 2021-22 and onwards.
  • Each Student delivers six seminars during the Programme.
  • The students do the dissertation work/project as per syllabus.
  • Students do compulsory Field Trainings with Archaeology Survey of India.
  • Feedback from Students, Alumni, Teachers and Employers were taken while revising the Syllabus.
  • The students are encouraged for the participation in conferences/workshops/seminars etc. to understand the basics of the subject.
  • Special programs are designed for the slow learners and the advanced learners.

    Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. 1. Scientific & Logical Knowledge of Ancient Indian Wisdom.
  2. Enhancing knowledge of Indian Cultural Traditions.
  3. Knowledge of Vedic, Medieval & Modern Philosophies.
  4. Inculcation of Nationalism and other Moral Values.
  5. Enhancing mental relaxation and peace by adopting Vedic Prayer, Patanjali Yoga and Meditation.
  6. Preservation of Indian Arts and Heritage by using modern technologies.
  7. To Impart knowledge of different Sanskaras & Philosophy.
  8. Imparting knowledge of cultural and ethical values.
  9. Improving the Emotional Intelligence through Geeta gyan.

Programme Outcomes (PSOs) of the Department:

  1. Construct strong foundation of Ancient Indian Culture and Civilization. Ability to pursue to advance research to understand the Indian civilization.
  2. To Impart knowledge of Archaeology, Epigraphy, Numismatic, Art &


  1. To impart the Ancient Indian Sanskaras to become better human being.
  2. To impart the ethical value of Indian Culture.
  3. Prepare students to get job after the post graduation as college / university teachers, museum curator, tourist guide and Archaeological Survey of India.

Course Outcomes (Cos) of the Department:

1. Student understands their sources of Indian History.
2. Critically analyzed the Indus civilization, Vedic and Post-Vedic Civilization. Critically analyzed the rise of Magadha Empire and Political condition of India.
3. Critically analyzed the new developments i.e. emergence of Sungas, the Satavahanas, the Indo-Greeks and rise of new powers i.e. the Saka-Kshatraps,  the Pahlavas.
4. Student able to understand about emergence of the Kusanas, and the republics i.e. Yaudheyas,  Kunindas. The students came across the general survey of Political History of South India.

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