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Programme Information (Doctoral)

Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Name of the Programme


Scheme of the programme



1.     Research Methodology,

2.     Elective Subject (i,ii,iii & iv)

3.     Research Ethics

PSO (Programme Specific Outcomes)

1.     To develop a bonding with the mother tongue of the student.

2.     The student gets to know and understand his/her native language in a far better way.

3.     The student gains the knowledge and understanding of the various intricacies of the grammar and literature of Punjabi.

4.     The student gains the knowledge and understanding of the rich folk and cultural heritage of Punjab.

5.     The Program connects the students to their roots.

6.     Knowledge of Punjabi language helps them to think critically while studying Punjabi literature.  They are aboe to relate pleasure of literature and real life.

PEO (Programme Educational Objectives)

1.     Developing interdisciplinary understanding of subject knowledge across postgraduate disciplines. Along with this, awareness of contemporary problems will be imparted through innovative perspectives of the most important knowledge in relation to academic disciplines.

2.     Use of standard research techniques to maintain the importance and level of knowledge in the relevant disciplines, solve complex problems based on established principles and techniques.

3.     The practice of knowledge acquisition To develop the ability to solve a new question/problem by incorporating existing elements of knowledge into critical analysis.

4.     To develop an awareness of the complexity of the knowledge of the respective disciplines, the methods/methods as interpretation and the contribution of the respective disciplines.

5.     To promote personal responsibility, intellectual independence, moral and ethical values ​​and academic integrity to develop essential qualities and transferable skills required for employment.

6.     Develop capacity for effective presentation of ideas and dialogue in oral and written form.

PO (Programme Outcomes)

1.     Students will acquire theoretical and practical study/practice knowledge of Punjabi Language, Linguistics, Culture and Folklore.

2.     Where the students will develop the insight to understand/evaluate the characteristics of Punjabi language, literature, literary trends, life of writers, creation process, Punjabi culture and folklore in different times, then they will develop the social, economic and social aspects related to that time., awareness and critical vision to understand political and cultural situations/circumstances will also develop.

3.     While the interest in reading literary works will increase in the students, their personality and professional development will increase, they will also develop an understanding of the conceptual knowledge about language skills, computers, translation, journalism, media, theater and films for employment.

4.     Through the study of various forms of Punjabi language, literature and culture and folklore, where students will get information about the various elements of commonality in various aspects of Indian society, cultural life values, they will understand the national and international societies in a global perspective. Insight will arise.


Time Table



To enhance the research work, the Department will provide separate room for research scholars.  There will be separate Girls common room for the students of Panjabi Department.  There is Wi-Fi facilities for research scholars and there is Ragging free environment in the Dept. The Department will organized time to time various Seminar, symposium, Conference, Webinar, etc. so that researchers can participants in these activities.  The department will organized group discussion programmers, cultural activities, extension lectures, meet to writers/ru-b-ru etc.

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