Department of Botany
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Ongoing Research

  • Microbial diversity and cyanobacteria as biofertilizers.

  • Assessment and evaluation of Enthnomedicinal knowledge in different regions.

  • Comparative study of polluted and non-polluted sites for natural product elicitation and development.

  • Eco-rehabilitation of salt-affected soils.

  • Carbon sequestration in agroforestry and zero-tillage agriculture.

  • Floristic diversity and digital database of flora of Haryana.

  • Micropropagation of medicinal and economically important plants.

  • Physiological aspects of crop plants

  • Natural Plant Product Development.

  • Regulation of Senescence, plant growth regulators and abiotic stress.

  • Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment in Forest Ecosystems of Haryana.

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(‘A++’ Grade, NAAC Accredited, Category-I University)



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