Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Post Graduate Programs

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Name of the Programme


Scheme of the programme




PSO (Programme Specific Outcomes)

1: Scientific writing: Communicate the results of the research conducted by the scientific community through scientific papers, conference presentations, patient information leaflets, popular articles, annual drug reviews, physician desk references.

2: Quality Assurance: Acquire ability to generate, analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical experimentation in drug discovery, analysis, formulation and development, production, therapeutic evaluation, QC and QA

3: Problem analysis:  Understand and analyze the applied aspects of the pharma science after being equipped with the sound knowledge of basic subjects like anatomy, physiology, mathematics and chemistry

PEO (Programme Educational Objectives)

1.To Analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical experimentation in synthesis, characterization and analysis of drug molecules.

2. To Acquire knowledge of novel as well as conventional drug delivery systems.

3. To Acquire knowledge for the maintenance of laboratory animals as per the guidelines, recent in-vitro and in-vivo preclinical evaluation processes for the development of new drugs.

T4.o understand the basic requirements of personnel engaged in an organization, basic requirements for design and development of premises for the production of sterile formulations along with selection, storage and maintenance of raw materials.

PO (Programme Outcomes)

1: Evaluation: Acquire the ability to evaluate the Physico-chemical parameters of drugs and other bioactive molecules

2: Ethics: Acquire the knowledge of ethical responsibilities as per pharmaceutical jurisprudence

3: Entrepreneurship: Develop the skills to run retail or wholesale business of pharmaceuticals

4: Design and development: Develop the knowledge for setting up a pharmaceutical unit

5: Pharmacist & Research scientist: Can work as Pharmacist, manufacturing chemist, or research scientist in India, as well as outside India

Time Table



UV Double Beam Spectrophotometer, FTIR Spectrophotometer, Melting point apparatus, Dissolution apparatus/tester, Colorimeter, Plethysmometer, Elevated Plus Maze and Y-maze, Tissue Homogeniser, Aggressiometer

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