Department of Geophysics
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Research and Consultancy Projects (2016-2023):

(A) Departmental Development projects:

  1. Department has been received a grant of Rs. 3.00 crore from Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under RUSA2.0 scheme for the establishment of “Centre for Advance Research Earthquake Studies (CARES).
  2. Department has been sanctioned Rs. 2.55 crores under the FIST scheme of DST, New Delhi to strengthen its laboratories.
  3. The department has received a grant of Rs. 2.54 crores from DST, Govt. of India for establishing a National Facility in the field of low-temperature thermochornology.

(B) International Projects:

  1. Title: Full 3D waveform Tomography and Lg attenuation for Kachchh, Gujarat, India, R B S Yadav (co-PI) Funded by:  DST, Govt of India and MOST of Taiwan under the scheme of India-Taiwan bi-lateral exchange program, duration: 2014-2017, amount Rs. 22.413 lacs
  1. Title: Post-seismic deformation of the 2001 Mw 7.7 Bhuj earthquake and future seismic hazard in Kachchh region of Gujarat, India; R B S Yadav (PI); Funded by: DST, Govt of India and MOST of Taiwan under the scheme of India-Taiwan bi-lateral exchange program; duration 2018-2021; amount Rs. 29.931 lacs

(c) National Projects:

  1. Title: Estimation of Source parameters and scaling relations for moderate size earthquakes in National Capital (Delhi) Region, Manisha Sandhu, PI; Dinesh Kumar, Co-PI; S.S. Teotia, Co-PI;Funded by: Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, duration: 2018-2022, amount Rs. 23.096 lakh
  1. Title: Space and time evolution of viscoelastic Coulomb stress in Kachchh, Gujarat Region; R B S Yadav (PI); Funded by DST, Govt of India; Duration: 2015-2018; amount Rs. 15 lacs
  1. Title: Exhumation of the Higher Himalayan Crystalline (HHC), Ramgarh Thrust sheet and Lesser Himalayan Sequence (LHS) in the Garhwal region, NW-Himalaya: Using Fission Track and (U-Th)/He Thermochronology; Dr. Manisha Sandhu (PI) and R.C.Patel, (co-PI); Funded by: Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi; Duration: 2018-2023; amount Rs.  85.26650 lakh
  1. Title: Paleopedological, Sedimentological and thermochronological records of climate change and tectonics during the evolution of Siwalik succession, Punjab re-entrant; Dr Manisha Sandhu, PI, R.C.Patel, Co- PI, Funded by: Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi; duration: 2018-2022; amount Rs. 24.696 Lakh
  1. Title: Modeling Probabilistic Earthquake Hazard in Northeast India region
    Dr. R B S Yadav (PI) Funded by: Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; Duration: 2022, Amount: Rs. 2.0 lacs
  1. Title: Detection of Faults (Hidden) in the Yamuna River basin, Giri River, Bata River and Markanda River basin using Morphological analysis and ElectricalResistivity method.
    Dr Sushil Kumar (PI) Funded by: Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Duration: 2022, Amount: Rs. 1.8 lacs

(D) Consultancy Projects:

  1. Title: Gravity Survey
    PIs: Dr. S.S.Teotia and Dr. Dinesh Kumar        Funded by: Tojo Vikas International Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, Duration: 2018; Amount: Rs 3.0/- Lakhs
  1. Title: Microzonation of Chennai region
    PIs: Dr R B S Yadav, Dr. Manisha Sandhu and Dr. B.S. Chaudhary Funded by: Fugro Geotech. (India) Pvt Ltd.; Duration: 2018-20; Amount: Rs.7.2039/- Lakhs
  1. Title: Gravity Survey
    PIs: Dr. S.S. Teotia, Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. B.S. Chaudhary
    Funded by: Mineral Exploration Corporation Limite (MECL) A Govt. of India undertaking, Nagpur; Duration:  2020; Amount Rs. 4.0 Lakh
  1. Title: Gravity survey in Madhya Pradesh         Funded by: AlphaGeo (India) Pvt. Ltd.         Duration: 2023, Amount: Rs. 16.52 lacs

(E) Grants

  1. R B S Yadav received International Travel grant of Rs. 23516/- from SERB, DST, Govt of India to attend an international conference in Singapore during 2017.

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