Department of Psychology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Facility

The department is enriched with research facilities to produce authenticated research in the area of Psychology. The department has four laboratories i.e. experimental lab, testing lab, biofeedback lab and dark rook lab. The experimental lab is a backbone of the department facilitating students, researchers and faculty members for conducting experiment based research in the area of perception, memory, learning etc. The testing lab is having more than 250 standardized tests for research purposes which are used by researchers in different research studies. Biofeedback lab is mainly designed to provide services to students as well as community to deal with stress and mental health related issues. The Dark room lab is also a specialized lab in which experiments based on illumination are planned and conducted.

            Along with these research facilities, some other research facility like SPSS software is available for all research students and faculty members for analyzing their research data. Moreover, the department has other infrastructural facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity by which students and teachers can access various international and national research journals and books for facilitating their research.

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