Department of Biotechnology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Facility

A. Industrial Microbiology: Research Facility is available for the Production, Purification of enzymes and their application.

B. Animal Biotechnology; Animal Cell culturing and Molecular Biology facilities.

C. Plant Biotechnology: Plant tissue culture and Agrobacterium mediated  Genetic transformation.

A. The work is focused on the isolation and screening of novel microbes for producing silicase, as a key enzyme for converting silica into dissolvable form, further focusing on establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly method to reduce the silica from the rice straw which poses major hurdle during its conversion to value added product. Also the silicase enzyme produced in lab will be utilized here for degradation of amorphous silica in rice straw and e-waste management.

B. The work is going on enzymatic valorisation (using laccases, peroxidases, cellulases, xylanases and silicases) of rice straw for delignification and dissolution of silica. The pretreated rice straw will be used for production of biopolymers as pure cellulose followed by acetylation to formulate cellulose acetate.      

C. The work is focused on cost-effective production, purification, immobilisation and bioresourceful applications of industrially important enzymes in Textile, Paper, Food industry etc.

D. The work is going on in Pharmacological investigations of Phytochemicals against  various classes of Genotoxicants in cancer cell lines and lymphocytes. The work is tooled with Transcriptomic and molecular marker studies.

E. The work is ongoing on Bionanocomposites. The Studies focus on  utilization of different industrial wastes for some value added products like bioplastics and  exploitation of different agricultural residues of lignocellulosic nature for bioethanol production.

F. The work on Seed bio-priming and Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of significant crops and medicinal plants.

G. The work is ongoing on improving soil quality by focusing on role of endophytes. The studies target improving the growth of salt sensitive crops in saline soil.

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