Department of Psychology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Nidhi Mehta 25/10/2016 William Faulkner’s Religious Vision: A Study of Selected Works
AkanshaRathi 10-01-2014 Partners Expectations Personality Congruence and Convergence as Predictors of Marital Satisfaction
Kavita 14-01-2014 Compatibility Between Big Three, Big Five and Cattell and Models of Personality: Facet and Trait Level Analysis
Manju Rani 17-01-2014 A Study of Rorschach Indices in Relation to Their Corresponding Psychometric Measures
NandiniMoudgil 18-01-2014 Aggressive Behavious among Adolescents: Across-Sectional Perspective
Purshpa Devi 27-01-2014 Impact of Roles Stress, Job Involvement and Work-Family Conflict on Burnout in Working Women: Moderating Effect of Emotion Regulation
Rajesh Kumar 09-01-2015 Role of Personality, Parenting Style, Family Environment and Peer Relationship in Mental Health of Adolescents.
Payal 09-01-2015 Paranormal Beliefs in Relation to Personality, Meaning on Life, Religiosity and Modernity
Santosh Devi 22-03-2016 Role of Mindfulness, Psychological Flexibility and Emotion Regulation in Depression
Devkaran Singh 22-03-2016 Frustration Tolerance in Relation to Personality, Emotional Intelligence and Family Environment
Rekha Rani 22-03-2016 A Study of Personality, Psychopathology, and Coping among Epileptic Adolescents
Debasaruti Ghosh 28-03-2016 Personality, Interpersonal relationship and coping as determinants of Stress associated with infertility
Anju Rani 06-01-2018 “Well-being in relation to Psychological capital, Job-satisfaction and occupational stress among police personnel”
Mukesh Kumar 19-09-2018 Role of Psychological Capital and Quality of Work Life in Employees’ Work  Outcomes
Harpal Singh 19-09-2018 Construction and Standardization of an Aptitude Test for Counselling Psychology
Reena Saini 20-09-2018 Role of Working Memory, Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivation and Intelligence in Creativity among Learning Disabled Students.
JyotshnaTyagi 12-09-2019 Personality-Situation-BehaviourTriad:Exploring Interaction, consistency and Relationships.
Kuldeep 11-09-2019 Internet Addiction in Relation to Personality, Mental Health and Identity Status of Adolescents
Pooja Yadav 05-03-2021 Dark Traid as Predictors of Psychological Well-Being: A Cross-Sectional Perspective
Kuldeep Kumar 19-03-2020 Role of dark trial personality traits in organizational outcomes
Vishal Sharma 19-03-2020 Role of human style, forgiveness and mindfulness in mental health among adolescents
SakshiMehla 29-10-2021 “Impact of Life crafting as an Intervention on Adolescent’s Purpose in life
Avnish  Kumar 27-04-2021 Effect of Music and Yoga on Cognitive Processes, Mental Health and Well-Being among Adolescents

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