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Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Latika Sharma 18-05-2020 Finance/ GST Implementation and Compliance in India: An Exploratory Study
KIRTIKA 23-05-2020 Human Capital, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Intention among University Students: An Empirical Study
Mr. Nitin Kumar 07-02-2022 Generational Footprints on Precursors to Customer Sway and Allegiance: Across Industries Study
Manpreet Kaur 27-10-2021 Predicting Stock Market Movements Using Artificial Neural Networks: An Empirical Analysis
Ms. Sonia 28-04-2021 Finance/ Risk Profile and Investment Decisions: An Empirical Analysis of Retail Investor’s Decision- Making.
Amit Kumar 27-10-2021 Forecasting Forex Rates Using Artificial Neural Networks: An Empirical Study
Mr. Mohammad Qais Rezvani 09-09-2019 Organisational Commitment and Job Satisfaction among University Teachers: An Empirical Study of India and Afghanistan
Twinkle 19-05-2020 Corporate Citizenship sway on Stakeholders’ Predilection: A comparative study of Indian Family Conglomerates
Priya 18-05-2020 Social Media Platforms and Purchase Inclination Across Consumer Generations: A Comparative Study
Ms. Shivani 27-10-2021 Impact of Sentiment Analytics on Stock Market Returns: An Empirical Study
Ms. PRAIRNA GUPTA 18-05-2020 Antecedents affecting Customer Loyalty and Churn
Mrs. Aarti Chauhan 27-02-2020 “Influence of Demographics, Psychological and Financial Literacy Factors on Investors’ Behavior”
Mrs. Anjali 23-03-2019 Organisational role stress, organisational justice and employee engagement in India IT sector
Mr. Sumit Saini 19-05-2020 An Exploration of Antecedents and Consequences of Spiritual Intelligence on Organizational commitment and effectiveness
Ms. Preeti Gupta

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