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Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, one of the recognized centre of Teaching and Research was established in 1967 under the able leadership of Prof. R.D.S. Bhatnagar, the founder Head of Department. The Department was initiated with Master’s degree programme in the Zoology to impart quality education and to produce a class of committed teachers, researchers and technocrats to safe guard animal ethos and modernize the use of animals in century old traditions in Haryana. Over the years, new faculty and courses have been regularly introduced which kept the department abreast and forerunner in teaching and research in Zoology. The Department was included in the list of DST-FIST sponsored in 2009. The Department has also achieved DRS grant under SAP (Special Assistance Programme) of University Grants Commission, New Delhi. In addition to M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in Zoology, the Department is also running M.Sc. Programme in Forensic Science. In M.Sc. final specializations are offered in different fields viz., Fish, Fisheries and aquaculture; Animal Behaviour & Wildlife Conservation; Molecular Reproduction. Besides imparting education, in various disciplines of Zoology at postgraduate level, it has pioneer research work in fields of Environmental Biology, Animal Ecology & Wildlife conservation, Cytogenetics, Fisheries, Gerontology, Reproductive Biology, Entomology and Developmental Biology. The Department has contributed about 1200 research papers in journals of national and international repute. As many as 160 students have earned their degrees of Ph.D. and a number of students are engaged in their research pursuits. Several major Research projects have been completed which are sponsored by DBT, DST, UGC and Department of Fisheries. More than 500 of our students are NET/SLET/GATE qualified. Numbers of students of our department are securing very high positions in various institutions in India as well as Abroad. Our alumni include Vice-Chancellors, Directors, ZSI, MRI, IFS, IAS, IPS, Head of various Universities Departments and leading research institutions of India and abroad. The department of Zoology also buzz with regular academic activates like seminars, workshops and conferences.




To be recognized as centre of excellence in Zoology in teaching & research while ensuring the well being of all species.


To conserve and propagate animals in consonance with human development imbibing the latest advances in the field of Zoology.

Academic Achievements (if any):

  • Department has successfully produced 54 batches of M.Sc. (Zoology) up to session 2021-22, and about 160 Ph.D. students and about 25 are registered for Ph.D. degree.

  • More than 500 of our students are NET/SLET/GATE qualified. A Numbers of Students of our department are securing very high positions in various institutions.

  • Our alumni include Vice-Chancellor, Director, ZSI, MRI, IFS, Head of various University departments and leading research institution of India and abroad. Placement of the students is more than 90%.

  • Department received Research grants from various agencies like, PL-480, DOE, DST, CSIR, UGC, SAP Dept. of Fisheries, Govt. of Haryana in the form of Research projects.

  • A number of the teachers of the faculty have received distinction and honour like:

  • J.S. Yadav: Fellow of Society of Cytologists and Geneticists (India), Zoological Society of India, Dayanand National Academy of Environmental Sciences, Nature Conservations, Award Millennium Gold Medal by Dayanand National Academy of Environmental Sciences, 2001 & A beetle Hydrochus yadavi Makhan named in his honour by a Dutch Entomologist.

  • A.S. Yadav- Fellow of Society of Cytologists and Geneticists.

  • R.C. Gupta – Co-coordinator Undergraduate course of Environmental Studies introduced under the direction of Hon ‘able Supreme Court from 2004-2005.

  • Rockfeller Foundation Fellowship at POP Council, The Rockfeller University, New York, 1985-1987 to Dr. P.P. Mathur. Population Council Award, USA, 1987-1988 to Dr. P.P. Mathur.

  • R.K. Sharma- Prof. Harswaroop Medal during Felicitation 2018, Zoological Society of India, Gaya in 30th All India Congress.

  • Anita Bhatnagar Young Scientist Award of Indian Science Congress association and Prof. Narayan Singh Trophy of Gwalior

  • Deepak Rai- Medal of Appreciation at 30th All India Congress of Zoology by Zoological Society of India; Second runner up award in Wildlife Photography contest organized by TFRI, Jabalpur; Highest award of achievement in Dale-Carnegie training by K.U.K. in M.Sc. Zoology; Gold Medalist with Distinction in M.Sc. Zoology at KUK.

  • Jitender Bhardwaj- Research Award Gold Medal by Society for Science and Environment-2012 and Awarded with Professor S.S. Guraya Young Scientist Award-2021 by ISSRF, India.

Dr. Deepak Rai

Chairperson Speaks

I am glad to welcome you to Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, one of the most recognized and disciplined centre of teaching and research.

Since its inception in 1967, it has been the foremost centre for learning in all aspects of Zoological studies across the India. From its existence, the department is credited for producing thousands of post-graduate students and awarding nearly 162 doctoral degrees. Its alumni are doing exceptionally well as Administrator, teachers and scientists at various universities and research laboratories in India and abroad. 

The current research and teaching in the Department include various aspects of Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation, Reproductive Physiology, Fish & Fisheries Biology. Apart from teaching, the faculty has been publishing papers in peer-reviewed research journals. The Department has been holding various workshops, symposia, conferences and other teaching courses to provide a platform for scientific exchanges from time to time.

 On behalf of the Department of Zoology, I assure you that we will help you pursue your objectives in life and give you strong foundation in leadership, skill development and valuable knowledge about animal world. It will be our objective to bring the best in you as a professional and also as a human being so that you are able to work in diverse social, cultural and economic environments



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