Department of Microbiology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Conference/Workshop/Seminar/Guest lecture organised:
Topic of the Conference/Workshop/ Seminar/ Guest lecture Date Name of the Expert
Functional foods 27/08/2013 Dr. RK Malik, Professor, DM Divison, NDRI, Karnal
Mycorrhiza: Role, importance and mechanism of biological control and pesticide interaction 21/01/2015 Dr. PP Gupta, Dept. Of Plant Pahtology, CCS HAU, Hisar
Variations in FTIR spectra among opaque and transparent phenotypic varients of S. pneumoniae 30/01/2015 Dr. RK Sahu, Research Scientist, Feinstein Institute of Medical Research, New York, USA
Sensitizatio about Indian Ocean Rim Association and Blue economy 27/05/2015 Dr. VN Attri, Chair of IORA, Republic of Mauritius
Molecular apporach for infectious disease characterization and its relevance for disease management 28/04/2016 Dr. Narotam Sharma, Sciectist, CMRL, Dehradun, UK
Small RNA big impact 25/09/2019 Dr. Parveen Balgir, Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, Pbi. University, Patiala, Punjab
Functional food for combating life style disorder 25/09/2019 Dr. Shilpa Viz, Principal Scientist, DM Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal
Immunotoxins as therapeutics 27/09/2019 Dr. Sanjay Chhibber, Professor, Pajab University, Chandigarh
The Corona Challenge (Online competition) 31/05/2020 Dept. of Microbiology. KUK
Vedic Microbiology in context to COVID-19 16/07/2020 Dr. RC Dubey, Professor, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, UK
Online IPR awareness programme  04/02/2022 Dr. Usha Rao, Asst. Controller of Patent & Design, Delhi Patent Office. 
Opportunities for Green Technology in Indian industries:   Biofuel / Bioenergy from lignocellulosic waste biomass  21/07/2022 Dr. RK Jain, Technical expert with UNIDO, New Delhi 
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