Department of Microbiology
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Class rooms

Two well equipped Smart class rooms are available in the department.


Library of the department is well furnished with about 600+ books of Foreign and Indian authors. Library is annually upgraded through purchase of new titles out of various grants. Books are issued to students.

Computer Lab

A well furnished Computer lab with Computers with internet facility is available for students and staff.

Teaching and Research Labs

  1. Well-equipped Laboratories for M.Sc. (Previous and Final) students.

  2. Well-equipped Research Laboratories and some of the notable instruments which are available in addition to basic facilities are:

    1. PCR Machine

    2. UV visible spectrophotometer

    3. Lyophilizer

    4. Water purification system

    5. Refrigerated Centrifuges

    6. Laboratory Fermenter

    7. CO2 Incubator

    8. LCD projector

    9. Gel Documentation system

    10. Sonicator

    11. Muffle Furnace

    12. ELISA reader

    13. Bosafety cabinet

Other Amenities

Common room is available for students.

Fire extinguishers are installed in each and every corner of the department.

RO water facility for drinking water.

KUK Logo

(‘A++’ Grade, NAAC Accredited, Category-I University)



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