Department of Commerce
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Post Graduate

Programme Information (PG)



Name of the Programme

M.Com. (CBCS)



PSO (Programme Specific Outcomes)

·         To equip the students with the ability to analyse business environment, identify business opportunities and understand the operation of commercial activities.

·         To develop the analytical abilities, managerial skills and capabilities for business decision making.

·         To nurture the research aptitude and use the same for solving business problems in paradigm of business ethics and social responsibility.

·         The inculcate the entrepreneurial capabilities and enhance employability.

PEO (Programme Educational Objectives)

PO (Programme Outcomes)

PO1      Soft Skills and Working Skills: To comprehend, communicate and execute effectively and efficiently in all of their dealings

PO2      Leadership: To develop abilities to both lead and respect the views, positions and beliefs of others and to plan and manage effectively.

PO3      Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship: To explore issues and problems that needs solutions with entrepreneurial orientation.

PO4      Ethics and Values: To recognize, appreciate and follow ethical standards in all walks of life.

PO5      Adaptability and Sociability: Ready to understand and adapt the changing environment.

PO6      Research and Analytical abilities: To explore, analyses and provide solutions on emerging issues concerning various fields including public policy.

PO7      Practical exposure and Employability: Exposure to actual working environment leading to employability.

PO8      Environmental Consciousness: In every action, dealing, service and manifestation.

Time Table



Classrooms, Seminar Hall, Computer Lab, Departmental Library, Girls’ Common Room

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