Institute of Environmental Studies
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Sr.No Name of Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (INR/-)
1 Suitability Assessment of Groundwater for Irrigation Purpose in Karnal district of Haryana Dr. Hardeep Rai Sharma KUK 200000/-
2 Assessment of impacts on various agricultural soils irrigated with different water types Dr. Pooja KUK 200000/-
3 Evaluation of Nature based Solutions for Biomonitoring of Air Quality and Identification of Air Pollution-Tolerant Species Dr. Dipti KUK 200000/-
4 Assessing forest cover using forest canopy density model in the Shivalik forest of Haryana Dr. Sandeep Gupta KUK 190000/-

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(‘A++’ Grade, NAAC Accredited, Category-I University)



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