Department of Commerce
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
Afsa Parveen 20.09.2018 Environmental Consciousness and Consumer Purchase Behaviour
Aastha Khera 19.09.2018 An Analytical study on stock prices returns of Banking sector in India.
Jasvinder Kaur 20.09.2018 Performance Evaluation of Socially Responsible Stocks with specific reference to BSE Greenex
Tanya 24.07.2019 Finance/Individual Investor Behaviour and Investment Decisions: A Study of Indian Stock Market
Prinkle 19.09.2019 Consumer attitude and purchase intention towards organic food
Laurel Pasricha 20.09.2018 Stock market efficiency and market anomalies
Neha Bansal 09.10.2020 Predictors of satisfaction of patients and their families: A study of healthcare services
Navdeep Kaur 10.10.2019 Customer Engagement through Mobile Applications: An Empirical Study
Seema Rani 10.10.2019 Anticipatory Psychological Contracts: A Study of Youngsters
Deepika Goyal 29.08.2020 Operating Efficiency of Health Insurance Industry in India: A Study of Selected Companies
Divya 29.08.2020 Impact of Cyber Loafing on Employee Behaviour and Productivity
Himani 29.08.2020 Role of Digital Financial Services in Financial Inclusion
Preeti Gill 29.08.2020 Participation of women in financial decision making: An empirical study
Seema 29.08.2020 Effect of consumer ethnocentrism and attitude in purchase decision making
Pinki 29.04.2021 Impact of automated service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty: a study of selected Indian commercial banks
Bimla Bai 29.04.2021 Finance/Impact of Financial Literacy and Risk-Taking ability on the Saving Habits and Investment Behaviour of working women: A Study Across Demographics
Shobha 29.04.2021 Impact of Corporate Strategy on Capital Structure and Firm Performance: A study of selected Indian Companies
Rajat 29.04.2021 Consumer's Attitude towards Artificial Intelligence
Harpreet 29.04.2021 Relationship between Corporate Code of Ethics on Employees Behaviour: An Empirical Study
Kawaljeet Kaur 29.04.2021 Impulse Buying Behaviour
Nancy Devi 29.04.2021 Growth of MSME's in India: A study of Financial, Marketing and Technological constraints
Mirza Ahmad 01.08.2022 PPP Performance in India
Mohammad Taher 15.01.2022 Microfinance Performance of Microfinance Institutions; A Comparative Study of India and Afghanistan.
Tahmina Rahim 16.01.2022 Impact of social media marketing on women buying intention

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