Institute of Environmental Studies
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Research Scholars

Name Date of Research Area of Research Work Email
ANU SHREE 26-09-2017 Cyanobiotechnology & microbiology study of UV absorbing compounds isolated from cyanobacteria and their effects on stress tolerance of plants grown under different environmental conditions.
Manisha Devi 26-09-2017 Nutrient availability and heavy metal accumulation in crops and sodic soils amended with municipal solid waste compost for reclamation
ABHISHEK SHARMA 28-03-2019 Air Pollution/Assessment of air quality in upper Indo-gangetic plains through Ground based measurements and Geospatial techniques.
SAKSHI NARULA 23-06-2021 Influence of abiotic stress and exogenous amendments on physiological attributes of Avenasativa L. /
HEMENT KUMAR 22-06-2021 Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Rainfed Agriculture Systems of Haryana Using process Based Model.
PRASHANT RAVISH 19-05-2020 Assessment of Impacts of Sugarcane Trash Burning on Air and Soil Quality of North Haryana.
Shivani Sangwan 22-05-2020 An Assessment of the Status of Different Landfill Sites In Haryana State And Their Impact On Groundwater And Adjacent Community
Neetu Yadav 22-05-2020 Drinking Water Quality Assessment in Government and Private Schools in Thanesar Block of Kurukshetra District, Haryana
Hardeep 26-08-2020 Groundwater analys / Industrial Impacts on Groundwater Quality in Rai Block of Sonipat District in Haryana
Mahak 21-1-2021 Abiotic stress responses of Pennisetum glaucum and role of biofortification in its stress tolerance
SHANT KUMAR 26-10-2021 Detection of yellow rust disease of wheat under changing environmental conditions using machine learning.,
Nitika Rani 28-04-2021 Assessment of heavy metal accumulation in seasonal vegetables irrigated with different types of water and their health risks.
Abhishek Anand 31-05-2022 Assessment of soil carbon and nitrogen pools in different land use categories of various agroecological zones

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