Department of Library & Information Science
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

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Name of the Programme


Scheme of the Programme

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PSO (Programme Specific Outcomes) as under:


Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts, principles, theories and laws related with the broadfield of Library and Information Science and its sub-fields such as types of libraries, types of information sources, library management, reference and information services.


Demonstrate understanding of rationality and procedures of (i) selection, acquisition, classification, cataloguing and physical processing of documents; (ii) using Information and Communication Technologies in Libraries and Information Centers; (iii) providing library and information services and managing other library routine activities.


Apply skills in carrying out professional activities such as (i) acquisition, accessioning, classification, cataloguing, and physical processing of documents; (ii) housekeeping operations using library management software and Information and Communication Technologies; (iii) maintaining library collection; and (iv) educating users.


Demonstrate skills in providing various library services such as document circulation, reference and information services, Internet and databasesearching.


Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills that offer job opportunities as librarians in public libraries and school libraries; as assistant librarians in different types of college libraries, as library assistants / technical assistants in university libraries and other libraries of higher education institutes, as librarians and/ or assistant librariansin corporate and industrial libraries, libraries of research institutes, etc.


Demonstrate professional attitude through commitment for providing every user his/her document/information; ensuring every document/information its user; saving time of the user and enhancing use of reading material and user satisfaction through effective and efficient library services.


Demonstrate core values by honouring diversityand ensuring inclusion by treating all students and colleagues with respect and dignity, showing respect for and sensitivity to gender, culture and religious differences; and challenging prejudice, biases and intolerance at the workplace etc. and displaying ethical integrity which involves honest behaviour.

PEO (Programme Educational Objectives)

1.      To familiarize students with the concept, types role and philosophy of libraries and information centres.

2.      To train students in the use of basic tools and techniques of knowledge organization.

3.      To enable students to provide user services.

4.      To develop practical skills to use ICTs in various library functions and services.

5.      To input training in modern library management techniques for effective management of small libraries and information centres.

PO (Programme Outcomes)


Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

A systematic understanding of knowledge within the discipline and in related discipline/s, and a critical awareness of current problems and/or new insights informed by the forefront of their academic discipline.


Researchand scholarship

a)  A working comprehension of how established techniques of research and inquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge in the discipline.

b)  A treatment of complex issues and judgments based on established principles andtechniques.


Level of application of knowledge

a)      Knowledge of Information available in diverse media and formats, their access mechanism, retrieval techniques and evaluation for lifelong learning.

b)      Competence in applying an existing body of knowledge in the critical analysis of a new question or of a specific problem or issue.


Awareness of limits of knowledge

Cognizance of the complexity of knowledge and of the potential contributions of other interpretations, methods, and disciplines


Professional capacity/autonomy

Acquiring and showing qualities and transferable skillsnecessary for employment: exercise of initiative, personal responsibility, intellectual independence, ethical behavior and academic integrity.


Level of Communication Skills

Ability to communicate effectively in presenting ideas orally and in writing (oral communication; written communication).


Separate Class Rooms in the Department.

Two Computer Labs in the Department.

Departmental and University Library.

Common room for both Girls and Boys in the building.

Hostel facility in the University.

Sports facility in the University.

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(‘A++’ Grade, NAAC Accredited, Category-I University)



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