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Dean Academic Affairs

Designation : Dean Academic Affairs
Qualification : MBA, Phd(Management)
Specilization : Communication, Marketing, Tourist Behavior
Research Areas : Communication, Marketing, Tourist Behavior
Contact Details : 7082113141
E-mail :

Some important academic activities of this office:

  • To co-ordinate and supervise the procedure of admission of students made by the various University departments through Chairpersons.
  • To arrange the accommodation of all University classes including evening classes, Diploma courses etc.
  • Preparation of Academic Calendars.
  • To guide and advise regarding proposals to be sent to the University Grants Commission and other funding agencies in connection with research and development activities of the University.
  • To advise the planning and development of the University particularly in respect of the standard of education and research in the University.
  • To co-ordinate with the Deans in respect of matters of inter-faculty nature.
  • To co-ordinate with the Deans concerned with regard to collaboration with any University / Research Institute, Indian as well as foreign.
  • To co-ordinate with the Deans concerned with regard to the work of the teaching and Research in the University Teaching Departments and the introduction of new courses.
  • To allow printing of syllabi.
  • To consider membership of other institutions like Association of Indian Universities, Common Wealth Universities, India International Centre, etc.
  • To sanction duty leave for all approved purposes and Earned Leave to the teachers of two maintained colleges.
  • To sanction duty leave to the teachers of the University Teaching Departments, two maintained colleges on the campus / Directorate of Correspondence Courses and teachers of Institute of Sanskrit & Indological Studies (other than Professors and Chairpersons) upto 30 days for attending Orientation / Refresher courses.
  • To handle all UGC unassigned grant under various heads including grant of organization of Seminars/ conferences, publications, Travel grants, Guest Lecturers etc. out of Research & Development heads.
  • To forward application of teachers for attending Orientation / Refresher courses.
  • To handle all proposals of additional requests of staff and funds for books, equipments, furniture etc. of the University Teaching Departments and two colleges on the campus.
  • To handle all work relating to equivalence committee, grant of recognition of courses, vocational courses under UGC scheme.
  • To discharge any other academic duty specifically assigned by the Vice-Chancellor

Officials o/o Dean Academic Affairs

Name Designation Intercom No.
Mr.Vinod Kumar Assistant 2490
Ms.Anita Clerk 2490
Mr.Bhuvneshwar Sharma Daftri 2490