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Hostel Details

Scrutiny of Hostel Registration Forms is under progress. Information regarding online allotment of hostel accommodation will be informed shortly through IUMS Portal of the University to the registered students.

Boys Hostel List

S No.PolicyBuilding Name
1KUK Boys HostelsArjun Bhawan
2KUK Boys HostelsBheem Bhawan
3KUK Boys HostelsCh. Devi Lal Bhawan
4KUK Boys HostelsCh. Ranbir Singh Bhawan
5KUK Boys HostelsDr. BR Ambedkar Bhawan
6KUK Boys HostelsHarsh Bhawan
7KUK Boys HostelsInternational Bhawan
8KUK Boys HostelsNarhari Bhawan
9KUK Boys HostelsPartap Bhawan
10KUK Boys HostelsShaheed Bhagat Singh Bhawan
11KUK Boys HostelsSwami Vivekanand Bhawan
12KUK Boys HostelsTagore Bhawan

Girls Hostel List

S No.PolicyBuilding Name
1KUK Girls HostelsSaraswati Bhawan
2KUK Girls HostelsMeera Bhawan
3KUK Girls HostelsKasturba Bhawan
4KUK Girls HostelsBharati Bhawan
5KUK Girls HostelsGargi Bhawan
6KUK Girls HostelsSubhadra Bhawan
7KUK Girls HostelsAhilya Bhawan
8KUK Girls HostelsGanga Bhawan
9KUK Girls HostelsUttra Bhawan
10KUK Girls HostelsDeviyani Bhawan
11KUK Girls HostelsKalpana Chawala Bhawan
12KUK Girls HostelsLuxmi Bai Bhawan
13KUK Girls HostelsYamuna Bhawan